Why Maruti Suzuki Subscribe?

Maruti Suzuki Subscribe is a convenient way to bring home a new car. It offers flexible tenure options starting from one year. The fixed monthly fee covers vehicle cost, road tax, insurance as well as maintenance of the car, resulting in a hassle-free ownership experience.

Maruti Suzuki Subscribe Platform

Get a car, without actually buying one. With our car affordable subscription plans, pay an all-inclusive monthly fee and upgrade or return the car once the tenure is completed.

Benefits of Subscribing

Enjoy hassle-free paperwork and flexible tenure & kilometre usage options. No down payments or loan necessary; just pay a single all-inclusive fee to bring home your favourite car.

White Plate Vs Black Plate Subscription

Choose between White and Black Plate Subscription to get the car registered in your name or subscription partner’s name. Get flexible tenure and Kilometre options.